9th March 2017

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More Connected, Less Connection

Mike the Prophet’s Newest Swings at the Confusion of the Digital Age


Feel like you’re always on call? Want to toss your phone and computer in a lake from time to time? [Florida Native, North Carolina transplant] Mike the Prophet gets it, and his new single takes a swing at that feeling and others surrounding our constant contact.

“You have to be connected to keep up these days personally and professionally, but that connection can overtake you and fry you,” says Mike, “it happens to me a lot with business email and social media. It feels like you just can’t get a minute to think, like there’s a big bug on your back drinking your energy.”

Fleshing out that theme, his new single “Parasite” explores many oddities of our time: the availability of information, the need to present a perfect life to the outside world, and the confusion of people who just aren’t quite wired to work in a world like this.

“I feel that way sometimes: like I’m not mentally equipped to get around with all the tech in our lives now. It’s a mixed bag really: as a musician you have to constantly share about your life to connect to fans. In a lot of cases, I think people expect musicians to be much more interesting than they are! That sharing is not something that comes naturally to me; being frustrated with the facts of technology and life was a huge part of this tune coming together.”

As it came together, Mike the Prophet took a non-conventional turn: adding orchestral strings and many other vocalists to the track. The song was principally recorded at Alpaca Ranch Recordings in Altamonte Springs, FL.

“My engineer and I kept telling ourselves: ‘it’s just a pop song, don’t get carried away,’ but I think we experimented in a way that’s really interesting, but above all, really fun to listen to!”

Mike the Prophet will soon leave on a 15 date Southeast Tour to promote the new single, bringing his stomping, high energy, one-man-band act to new fans and old.

“It’s great to put out some new material: I think fans will be surprised at how much I’ve learned and grown since my 2015 album and those early tours.”

“Parasite” is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube and other major music services.

Tour Dates:

4/7- The Hurricane- Marathon, FL- 9:00PM

4/8- The Hurricane- Marathon, FL- 9:00PM

4/9- Ka’Tiki- Sunset Beach, FL- 1:00PM

4/10- West End Trading Co.- Sanford, FL- 9:30PM

4/12- The Warehouse- Tallahassee, FL- 9:30PM

4/13- The Bull- Gainesville, FL- 9:30PM

4/14- Hogan’s Irish Bar- Cape Canaveral, FL- 9:00PM

4/15- Hourglass Brewery- Longwood, FL- 9:30PM

4/16- Café DaVinci- DeLand, FL- 11:00AM

4/24- Alley Taps- Nashville, TN, 8:00PM

4/27- Lula’s Coffee- Florence, SC- 9:30PM

4/28- Summit Coffee- Davidson, NC- 9:00PM

4/29- Deep South the Bar- Raleigh, NC- 9:00PM

4/30- Local 506- Chapel Hill, NC- 8:00PM

5/13- Al’s Bar- Lexington, KY- 9:30PM

5/20- Flytrap Brewing- Wilmington, NC- 8:00PM


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