11th November 2016

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Holidays got you down? Mike the Prophet has just the thing

The holidays can be tough, Mike the Prophet’s “The Christmas EP” gets it


Tired of pretending to be happier than you are during the holidays? So is Mike the Prophet, and he’s got a new release to prove it. The latest release from the young artist is not something you hear about often: a Christmas album with a real mix of emotions.

“For a lot of people, the holidays are not easy,” says Mike, “there are a lot of expectations to live up to, and sometimes we fail. Even for some people in my own family, Christmas is not quite a happy time.”

This theme on the new EP centers on an original tune: “Outside Like Inside.” The song’s lyrics paint a picture of the mixed bag that is the holiday season: from the positives like beautiful decorations, and love from friends and family, to the painful, like reminders of people that are gone and a lack of money to give gifts.

“I wanted to be honest about mixed emotions during the Holidays because so many people have them. Many aren’t on good terms with their family or don’t have any; the holidays can be very lonely. I hope that my new album is a release for those people; so they can know it’s alright to be sad, but to remember the hope of the season as the other side of the coin.”

Other notable experiments include a punk rock version of a 16th century German Christmas carol, and a groovy Latin take on “O Christmas Tree.”

“I have always been into traditional music, and it’s great that the holidays bring it to the forefront of people’s minds,” says Mike. “I have a great time stretching and twisting those old familiar tunes into new forms and shapes different from tradition.”

*[Mike the Prophet will be doing that stretching and twisting during and after Collective Church’s Candlelight Christmas on Sunday, 12/18; 5:00PM at Chess Park in Downtown DeLand, FL. Admission is free, and the carols will be followed by Mike the Prophet’s full Christmas EP performed live. “I’m excited to do a show in my hometown after all of the traveling I’ve been doing in the past year.” says Mike.] *

“It’s just great to finally share this record with everyone: it’s been finished for a year and a half!”

Mike the Prophet’s “The Christmas EP” is out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other major music services. Hard copies can be purchased at miketheprophet.com.

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