Weird on the page. Wild on the stage.

Hailing from the famously strange heart of Central Florida, Jack Willow Jr. came of age in a stew of Southern and Caribbean influences, carrying them onto his record, but especially into his live show.

In Winter 2018, Mike Furlong had toured the Southeast for 4 years as Mike the Prophet, on a steady trajectory to success in music, but something wasn’t right. He had lost the feeling of excitement, and wanted something new. Without warning, he disappeared from public view.

A year later after much soul-searching, he returned with a new name, Jack Willow Jr., and a new sound, announcing the release of his full-length album KING FEAR (out 5.24.2019).

An ambitious survey of our time, the album’s depth is brought to life by the band’s live show. With three part harmonies, danceable rhythms, and a self-taught quirkiness, they deliver what one reviewer called “the musical energy to make you move, and the lyrical gravity to fix you to your seat.”


-Placement on PBS’s Roadtrip Nation (Fall 2016)

-Placement on PBS’s A Balanced Equation (Fall 2017)

-Southeast touring schedule (Fall 2015-Winter 2018, May 2019-present)

-Playlist attention for Alligator Alley-Single (Spring 2019)

RIYL: Rayland Baxter, Ben Howard, Noah Gundersen, Shakey Graves